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Laser Services - Miami Springs Dentist Dr. Francois Zayas

Lasers have revolutionized the way doctors practice dentistry. With a laser Dr. Zayas can attain a procedure in less time, with better results than using traditional methods. Patients can also benefit from a higher standard of care, experiencing faster treatment and healing times with less overall discomfort. Compared to traditional methods and surgical devices such as electrocautery, a laser is gentler, more predictable, and often times will not require local anesthetic.

In basic terms, troughing is done to remove any excess tissue before taking a final impression of any crown. This is also a crucial tool in laboratory visualization.

In other words, “gum contouring”. Gingivectomy is done to re-contour uneven or bulky gum tissue as well as to lengthen short teeth.

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy

Lasers are being used as an adjunct to traditional periodontal therapies aiding in decreasing bacteria, controlling bleeding, eliminating diseased tissue and post operative sensitivities and improves overall healing time.

Implant recovery is usually the second stage of an implant surgery. It is when the doctor removes the tissue that has grown around the implant and places a gingival cuff. Using a laser rather than traditional methods provides less pain, less swelling, and less recovery time.

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that re-contours the gum tissue and often the underlying bone of a tooth. Crown lengthening is often for a tooth to be fitted with a crown. It provides necessary space between the supporting bone and crown, which prevents the new crown from damaging bone and gum tissue.

If a patient has an excess amount of tissue that connects the lower and upper lips to the jaw and gum line, a frenectomy procedure is performed to remove the excess tissue.

Class V defect is the recession of the gum line also known as periodontal recession. Periodontal recessions can cause aesthetic and functional problems, especially in the anterior (front) region or when combined with exposed crown margins. A combination of periodontal disease, recession with exposed root surface, hard-tissue defects, and age emphasizes the need for treating these defects.

Hyperplasia - Miami Springs Dentist Dr. Francois Zayas

Hyperplasia is the excessive growth of gingival tissue around the teeth. Hyperplasia makes the teeth look small due to the overgrowth of tissue. With our laser we re-contour the gum shape around the teeth exposing the natural shape of the teeth.

Canker Sore - Miami Springs Dentist Dr. Francois Zayas

Canker sore is a type of mouth ulcer that presents as a painful open sore inside the mouth or upper throat characterized by a break in the mucous membrane. Its cause is unknown, but they are not contagious. With the laser, canker sores and easily and painlessly removed.

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